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  Public Ticket #1257493


  • Enes started the conversation

    Firstly I really want to give my respect to you guys for making such a great template, we as architectural office BINA are really satisfied with your work. Regardless, we have some questions which I hope you guys will help us with that.

    I want to start with my first problem. As I uploaded in the attachment, inside the page of any project there is a icon with 6 squares in the middle of the next and previous links. When I click on that icon it sends me on the same page that I am and it doesn't make any sense to be like that. Is it possible to change that icon to link me in the home page or any other page that I like?

    My second question will be the problem with main page actually, project grid. When we click on any picture it also doesn't link us on the page that we click, we must click on the tittle to redirect us to the project. I think it will be more conceivable when we click on image to go inside the project. We will be really glad if you tell us how to fix this one.

    Also I have some small questions about the header section. Is it possible to make a border on the header? The footer section already has that option. The other question is can i put underline on the links? And how can I change the size of the text in that part?

    I hope I am not being tedious to you guys. Thank you in advance and keep it up the great work!

    Enes Sever.


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    Ansif replied


    1. Yes, that 6 squares icon link can be change it from : Brixey Options > Project > Single Project > Project URL.

    2. Actually, title only can able to click. Because as you can see in that project grid list. There also we've category link. So, users also want to click the category if they want to see related projects in one page. Also, main motive of that text only link is : Responsive devices. For mobile screens if you tab the projects then it'll show the project title & category. So, users can read the title and category and they can able to click which link they want. If we develop total image as a link then for mobile users when the tab the project image instantly it'll load that page instead of showing project title and category text's. Hope you understand, why we developed like this.

    3. You can use following CSS to have border bottom of header :

    .brxy-header {border-bottom: 3px solid red;}

    For active menu border bottom CSS is (Border bottom style will be differ from your screenshot) :

    .current_page_item a {border-bottom: 2px solid red;}

    Add those css at : Brixey Options > Misc > Custom Codes > Custom CSS.


  • Enes replied

    Thank you so much for your response!

    Sorry again but I have two more questions. How can I change the filter button color? And also is it possible to change the color of the text on active menu?

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    Ansif replied


    I see your page shows coming soon notice. Can you please share your temporary login credentials. We'll check and let you know the CSS codes for it.


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  • Enes replied

    Okey thank you,

    And last question, is it possible to change the color of the text when the page is active on the menu/header?

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    Ansif replied


    Use following CSS for it at : Brixey Options > Misc > Custom Codes > Custom CSS :

    .brxy-menu li.current_page_item a,
    .brxy-menu li.current-menu-ancestor a {color: red;}