We Are Moving!

VictorThemes is moving its support center to a brand new support system. Only old tickets will be supported here.

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Support Terms

1. Read our Documentations

Please be sure that you have read the documentation, which comes with your downloaded package. The documentation covers important notes, installation process of our theme and wide range of overall explanations.

2. Envato's New Support Policy

As new envato support policy, you'll get a free support from the purchase date of next 6 months! Check out more information about support policy here.

3. Private Ticket vs Public Ticket

Please open a public ticket, instead of a private one, if your ticket doesn't contain any sensitive information. Doing so will enable others to help you out with your issue, and find the solution to their own issue, in case they are experiencing the same, or a similar problem.

4. Our Response Time

Please be aware that we try our best to monitor the forums around the clock, but because of a large amount of support inquires that we have to deal with on a daily basis, please allow 12 - 24 HOURS to receive an answer to your ticket.

5. Go Through Public Tickets

Before asking questions, please make sure you SEARCH THROUGH THE OPEN TICKETS to see if your question has already been answered, which means that you might not need to wait for 24 hours, instead you'll get a quick solution.

6. What support covers?

Support deals with installation of the theme, issues comes from our theme itself Bug Fixes, and Small Modifications which means, one or two lines of code we'll provide if needed.

7. Want to hire us for your customizations?

This support is not includes any of your personal customisations. If you want custom works, please consider to hire us at Envato Studio. Note : We're only available for installing our theme like a live demo site.

8. We want more details in your ticket questions

Post more detailed information's as much you can possible : LINKS and SCREENSHOTS are always welcome! If your questions are not have detailed information's, then we'll ask more information from our next response(May take : 24 hours). So, you're losing your time with less information's.